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Medical Tourism in India

The past decade has seen India becoming one of the most sought after destinations for medical travel. Indian hospitals have the latest technologies and infrastructure, coupled with highly qualified doctors and support staff who provide world class medical services. Also, the costs for medical procedures offered by Indian hospitals are much lower than those offered globally. In addition to this, Indian people are well known for their hospitable nature and fluency in English which is an added advantage for medical tourists to prefer India over other destinations, worldwide. As healthcare is costlier in developed countries, India’s medical tourism market is expected to more than double in size from USD 3 billion at present to around USD 8 billion by 2020. Bangladesh, Oman, Dubai, Srilanka and Nigeria dominate the inbound Indian Medical Tourism Market.

The ‘India Health Plus’ Expo

Over the past few years, India has seen a huge growth in inflow of medical tourists. The ‘India Health Plus’ Exhibition is being organized with a clear focus to promote India as the preferred Medical & Wellness Tourism destination for patients from across globe seeking treatments overseas. The exhibition will provide a much needed platform for Indian hospitals to reach out to their target audience. The exhibition aims to bring together leaders in the medical fraternity to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where medical practitioners, hospitals, tourism companies and related consultants can promote their brands, meet potential prospects and network in an extremely proactive forum.

Positioning your hospital with this global event will ensure your reach to your target audience which includes medical tourists, their families, doctors and consultants.

Why participate at India Health Plus

  • Get a hands-on experience in the most potent inbound medical tourism destination for India and create your network across Bangladesh
  • Showcase your capacities and promote your services to an extremely focused audience who are looking at associations in India
  • Position your hospital expertise and cost benefits compared to other developed countries
  • Participate in the proposed knowledge sharing program where renowned Indian doctors would deliver lectures
  • Opportunity to have one-to-one dialogue with potential medical tourists & medical treatment seekers
  • Recruit consultants & representatives to refer locals for their treatments
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